Innovation at the Intersection of Consciousness, AI, and Sustainability




Join the top business leaders in South East Asia at this exciting event designed to spark your curiosity and ignite your creativity. Expand your knowledge, build your network, and create tactical plans for expanding the impact consciousness, AI, and sustainability have on your business.


This isn’t your typical business conference. 
You’ll leave with practical, actionable information delivered by experts, that you can implement immediately. Transform ideas into reality and drive tangible results for your business.

Our Promise: A transformative insight you can immediately apply after every session.


You will experience firsthand the disruptive ideas, daring innovations, and emerging trends within AI, Consciousness, and Sustainability while visiting Singaporean businesses who are making a real impact. We’ll explore the creative practices they use to drive innovation and how they support sustainability in their company. In the afternoon, we’ll guide you through a creative brainstorming process where you begin designing your own action plan.

EXPLORE Consciousness, AI, and Sustainability


Explore with us how business can leverage consciousness, AI, and sustainability to drive innovation. We’ll explore each category and how it connects to business. Hear from business and government leaders championing each of these three categories and gain insights and tools to apply to your business.


Immerse yourself in dynamic discussions with experts from a cross-section of industries. Gain insights into the latest strategies, and success stories that will help your business reach new heights!


Connect with professionals from different industries, potential collaborators, and industry influencers. Forge valuable relationships that can spark new ideas, collaborations, and business ventures.

juan manuel

Join Us For an Evening With Manuel Obregón

A Latin Grammy winner

A story told through music and art

Join us for an evening with Manuel Obregón as he performs his Simbiosis. This intimate concert immerses you in the sounds of the piano and sights of the rainforest. Joining Manuel will be live painters, bringing their unique interpretation of the music to life on both the physical and digital canvas.

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